Monday, September 23, 2013

We love to hear from customers that are pleased with our work. The following is an account from Ron and Gloria Knautz.  You can see pictures of the work we did on their house on our website and facebook page.

Our association with Ron and Frank from Cornerstone Builders began in 2003 when both were working for another contractor.  My mother-in-law, who was alive at the time, really like the “boys” (Ron and Frank).  When it came time in 2007 to do some work in the kitchen and bath and replace the remaining windows in the house (except for one in the kitchen), we learned that Ron had formed Cornerstone Builders and Frank had gone with him.  While we received bids from window companies, we contacted Ron about the kitchen and bath work.  We also asked him to include a price for the window replacements.  Ron provided us with the best price, and we knew the quality of work that would be done.
Mother passed away in November 2010.  We had gone over our plans to do further remodeling.  (Mother knew what our plans were and only requested that we wait until she was gone.  She did not want to be here during the construction).   In November 2010 Ron came in, saw what we wanted, gave us a price and we gave him the go-ahead.  We wanted to totally redo the main floor and add a laundry area so that the house would really become ours.  The house was built in 1886 by Gloria’s great-grandfather and has always been in the family.
On December 6, 2010 the work began!  I offered my ideas and the changes started to take place.  We had movers remove all the furniture as every room was being affected with the exception of the kitchen, which later turned out to be affected as well.  Things happen when a house of this age (126 years) undergoes a remodel.  From plumbing changes, insulation added, windows, doors, etc, everything changed.  Working with Ron and Frank was a real pleasure.  They were given a key day one and we were gone most, or at least a great deal of the time.  We trusted them as family and if a problem arose, they had our cell number.  Throughout the process, things were changed and added.  The result is beautiful.  The “boys” treated our home, as they worked on it, as if it were their own.
As time progressed and the house was completed, we decided that since Ron had given us a very good price on siding, we would have the house re-sided and the porch enclosed.  (We could have forgotten all the previous remodeling as we now “LIVE “on the porch!!!)  Throughout the process, some things needed tweaking, and Ron and/or Frank would offer suggestions.  In the end, they all turned out to be the right move.
Should you read this and would like to see the transformation, please feel free to see the work that was done.  We have had people stop and say how nice it turned out and felt it made a great addition to the neighborhood.  We would be glad to open up our home, if you should desire to see the work of Cornerstone Builders.  We are pleased and proud of the work that Cornerstone Builders has done for us.